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Best S/U moments from 2013

I should have done this earlier before year 2013 was over but I completely forgot. I just thought we the fans should list our favourite moments over the last 12 months. I know some of the people here were unhappy with into darkness. When I look back on the whole film all I can say is, the film as a whole was not the best but I, like most trek fans are so over it and is ready to move on to the next film. Linderlof is gone so that is a sign the next film would be good. I know what is like now to fell like a LOST fan.

For me personally my favourite moment for the couple in the whole of 2013 was star trek ongoing 18 released in February 2013 and the novelization of star trek into dankness a scene taken from the book that quotes:

“Having left his station to move to Uhura’s, Spock now found his hand grasped tightly in hers. With seconds left in which to make their peace with eternity, other crewmembers both on and off the bridge composed final thoughts, embraced crewmates, or whispered words they had wanted to say but previously had not possessed the courage or wherewithal to do so.”

So yeah, this are my best S/U moments from the past year. Can you guys kindly list yours. feel free to also add your best art and the best fan fiction you read. I have not yet decided on a fan art but the best fan fiction I read in year 2013 has been No Limits written Qdrugis and Sufficiently Familiar by PoorQueequeg.

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