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Peter/Gwen from Amazing Spiderman 2 is what S/U should have been like in STID.

I recently saw Spiderman 2 and while I will say it is not my favourite superhero film,I would say the romance in the film was so wonderful, very heart felt and just very beautiful to watch like S/U was in the 2009 film. As the credits rolled I realised that the screen writers of the film where the same screen writers from star trek 2009 and also co writers of STID. it made sense how they got the romance in Star Trek 2009 so right. it was Orci and Kutrzman who solely wrote Trek 2009..

Spiderman 2 is a film that made me feel even more disappointed with STID because I am wondering why the hell did they not write the spock/uhura relationship like they wrote peter/gwen in Spiderman 2 and Star Trek 2009? They obviously could have written it that way. Mu guess is it is David Lindelof. He is very infamous among the male fans in fandoms because they all think he is shallow and can not write.I guess I now understand why LOST fans hated David Lindelof. Lindelof was the head writer of STID.In fact the whole Khan stroyline was his idea. Orci never wanted to put Khan in the film but he had to give in to Lindelof's demands.

I blame Lindelof for being responsible for badly the spock/uhura relationship was written in STID. My guess is if he did not co write the script of STID, The romance would have been as good as it was in the first film.

It makes no sense how orci and kurtzman can write a beautiful romance between peter and gwen and at the same time write a crappy romance for star trek just one year apart.
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