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Star Trekk 2009 five year aniversary celebration

Star trek fans are celebrating the 5th anniversary of star trek 2009, ironically the film that really moved the S/U ship forward. Most fans are listing their Favorite moments of the film and the impact it made. Please feel free to do the same.



Persoanlly I loved and adored this film as a whole. I have seen it more than a 100 times by now and that it is because I used to leave the DVD running on my dvd player. Not even taking the S/U romance into account, the film was overall a great sci-fi film and one of the best film prequels of all time. Too bad they m4ssed up the sequel.

My favourite moments of the film includes

Nero screaming Fire everything at Spock.
Spock reveals Uhura's first name
Nero ship getting sucked in the blackhole
Kirk takes command of the Enterprise
TOS Spock first appearance on DeltaVega
Spock/Uhura kiss inside the elevator
Sarek telling Spock he married Amanda out of love
Kirk's dad sacrificing himself to save his wife, his new born son and the crew of the Enterprise

This are some of my favourite moments of trek 2009. Its kind of sad that there is no moments in STID that I really like. That film is just meh to me. Don't really hate it or love it.

I guess to this fandom, if star trek 2009 did not exist, S/U would not exist as well. Another reason why I am thankful for Trek 2009.
It is fair to call the film a sci-fi classic and a Trek Great, Star Trek 2009 brought life to a dying franchise. Sadly film's sequel took the franchise backwards.
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