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05 December 2018 @ 09:54 pm
For those of you who've wanted to see United We Fan starring the actors and fans of Star Trek and various other fan activists and actors who've tried to save various TV shows including myself, it's out now.

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Feel free to check out these reviews published by various websites.

From 'Star Trek' to 'Timeless,' fan TV-show rescues evolve, but passion remains paramount


‘United We Fan’ Reveals the Necessary Passion and Courage within the Community

'United We Fan' Broaches Queer Women TV Characters and Their Rabid Fanbases
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in reality, you can also use the normal rss feed of spockuhuralove:

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23 July 2016 @ 11:00 am
Can we discuss this movie please?

I liked it a lot and as for S/U, the film was a huge importune compared to STID.

Please post your thought and evaluation on the film , spock, uhura and S/U
I know livejournal is mostly a desert now that most of the people post over tumblr but for those who still use livejournal:

Australia will have the unofficial world premiere on July 7, when three of the BEYOND cast – Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, and Karl Urban – will make their way down under along side director Justin Lin.

here's someone who got a pass and where you can see the address of where the event is done

Any S/U fan going who can tell the rest of us if the movie is worth it? LOL

The other time there was a helpful S/U fan who went and saved us from misleading reviews by haters!

Title: Pride and Logic Chapter 30
Author: Yalegirl03
Rating: PG-13
Canon: Reboot, XI
Pairings: Spock/Uhura
Warnings: strong language

Pride and Logic Chapter 30 and Epilogue
14 December 2015 @ 01:22 pm
I dunno if people are still posting here since most of the fandom has migrated to tumblr nowadays, anyway for those who don't have tumblr, the first teaser for star trek beyond just leaked

watch it before they remove it (though, they will release it this week with star wars anyway)

[Spoiler (click to open)]

there are no spock/uhura bits in the trailer (but you know, they never put them in the first teaser) this is a bit like the teaser for star trek into darkness.
23 September 2015 @ 03:51 pm

One shots of S/U around the colour green....
14 September 2015 @ 10:19 pm

When Lt Cmdr Spock met Cadet Uhura

Earth date – January 2256, Upper Filmore, Lower Pacific heights district , Spock's apartment

The Fillmore district had seen a lot of changes over the centuries, some good and some not so good. In ages past originally home to Terran ethnicities of Jewish, Japanese and African descent. It was also home to famous jazz clubs. Now in the 23rd century due to it being so close to Starfleet headquarters and the Academy most of its residents were offworlders and Starfleet employees of all races and species. Seven minutes by ground car, thirty minutes by public transport ,forty six minute on foot or if you were a Vulcan, thirty six minutes and 27 seconds.

The Jazz clubs still remained, much to the delight of most residents of the city. Even the Vulcans tolerated the music at night. One of their number even used their late sounds for meditation. The cool sound of the saxophone Spock found soothing. His father blamed his mother since she introduced him to the music. Sarek preferred Terran, Western European classical music like Mozart and some Asian sounds. His father could not see the logic in jazz, or other music of American origin, but he did appreciate spirituals and some 20th century genres.

However this early morning it was the music of a Tellarite musician Ghant that Spock listened to as he walked to work. The sound was similar to old Terran 'blues.' He found the words illogical but it was important to be educated on the cultural similarities and differences that existed in the Federation. He was due to teach 'Advanced Interspecies ethics' that morning, a very important class for Starfleet officers. With the right conduct one could prevent insults on 'First contact' experiences and prevent all-out war in the worse cases.

*He did not consider himself a teacher, but after active duty under Captain Pike on the USS Artemis, Pike encouraged him to teach at the Academy while the new USS Enterprise was being built at the Kelvin shipyards in Iowa. There was another reason for the change of scenery. The death of T'Pris the previous year had affected him deeply. It was the catalyst for ending his bond with T'Pring. His past flirtation with Dr Kalomi was just that, a flirtation. With T'Pris he realised he had other options, as the Terrans believed, life was too short not to be truly contented, even if he lived out his natural life span of two hundred plus years. His father was 'dissatisfied 'with his decision, just as he was 'dissatisfied' with his career choice but he had his mother's support and surprisingly T'Pau did not object. And neither did T'Pring, that was interesting. Well kaiidth, it was done.

Spock had taken the time to review the cadets who would be taking his class. Around twenty five students in their second year were registered to sit the class, most were command or communication track. He calculated there was an 76.4% chance that by the end of the first session 33% would leave the room. He was not going to make this an easy lesson for them to 'breeze through'. One of them appeared interesting, a cadet Nyota Uhura, Kenya, African Federation. Her exam tests scored highly, she spoke multiple Federation languages, she was often the second or third in her classes. One of her tutors noticed her tendency to tardiness and procrastination, he noted that she if would apply herself just a bit more there was no reason she could not be class valedictorian in two years. Perhaps she needed guidance, Spock wondered if he was up to the task. Mentoring a human female might be a challenge.


"You are 2.03 minutes late cadet", Spock recognised her as a young lady hurriedly entered the room.

He noted her apology as he assessed her.

An aesthetically pleasing face, short in height 1.70m (5 foot 6 inches), however long, slender, brown legs, a curvaceous posterior and mammary glands of a pleasing size. A woman that deserved a second look. If she were Vulcan and not a student, a prolonged second look.

He blinked his eyes rapidly, perhaps he needed to meditate longer this evening. Her physical form was irrelevant. To get his mind back on track he issued a rebuke that sounded rather stern, even to his own ears.

"A statement that you may find difficult. There is no need to make promises that you have a high probability of not achieving."

Cadet Uhura gave him a look his mother called 'a stink eye'. It was of no consequence to him. He was her superior officer, better she find him an irritant than be fawning over him as some of the females and even some males were wont to do.

14 September 2015 @ 10:14 pm

Earth date - February 2257

One hundred and ninety four years since First Contact Nyota Uhura could be counted among the many humans fascinated by Vulcaniod ears. Her first thoughts on meeting Lt Commander Spock were not on his height or even his looks but how would it feel to stroke those ears. Of course back then, she never imagined she would get to fulfil her secret desire, well one of many desires when it came to him. But here they were indulging in activities that would tell the world they were more than student and teacher, more than colleagues, more than friends… a lot more.

"Mmmmm.. wow " Uhura moved her head away to catch her breath from the stunning kiss they shared. It was their first.

"Does this answer your query regarding the kissing ability of this particular Vulcan?" Spock asked as he stroked her back.

They were lounging on his sofa in his apartment after a tutorial cooking session on East African cuisine. Uhura had doubted Spock's ability to prepare a meal from her homeland. After proving her wrong, well she gave him 7 out ten for effort, (the Kenyan pilau dish still tasted better with meat in her opinion, but the spicy tofu made a reasonably decent substitute). He eagerly took the offered kiss that she had promised him as thanks.

It was this openly bold move on her part that turned the corner on their relationship. Spock's kaluk's (ears) turned a lovely shade of ha'ya-kur (light green) at her words to 'give him a big kiss if he could make decent Kenyan pilau)'.

"Oh yes, it sure does" Uhura smiled in return. "You have the hottest lips, almost as hot as your ears."

"My ears and lips are the same temperature Nyota"

"Is that so? Will you permit me to test that statement?" she asked stroking his right kaluk in response.

"You may, but I do not see how..."

Spock groaned in response as Uhura's own hot lips suckled his ears. That answered another question she had….how erogenous were Vulcan ears? Answer…. Very….