a princess of now (skywardprodigal) wrote in spock_uhura,
a princess of now

Why Spock/Uhura now? 'Tis a tradition

Yah, okay, so it's been said, and written, that Uhura and Spock had a special relationship (that he was her mentor).

That's fine. Whatever. Stuff/racist Desilu/racist NBC/Gene didn't want to pay her more/give her more lines, etc. Aight, it wasn't explicitly stated in the show.

But, there's FOOTAGE, old school footage, where Uhura serenaded him. She made eyes at him and he smirked back. AND rolled his eyes. While strumming his fingers along a Vulcan lyrette. SUGGESTIVE MUCH? TELL ME SHE DIDN'T WANT TO HIT THAT. TELL ME HE MINDED.

Don't take my word for it, though.


Uhura totes hit on him and literally made Spock hot(er) under the collar.

She got to him. Oh yes she did. I betcha Amanda would have approved.

There has also been some fic. And that's the 'net. Does anybody want to break out scans/captures from ancient-of-days zines?

Originally posted at my lj. x-posted to deadbrowalking & elsewhere.
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