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A Real Interracial Relationship

We've touched upon this issue, before.

However, it's something I haven't seen discussed enough in regards to the dynamic of their relationship and I think, one of the reasons this relationship is a more meaningful thing for the current audience than what one might think.

...and it's another blow against the idea that this Star Trek isn't that deep.

The fact is *Spock* is "the other" in this relationship in the context of this film's world, *not* Uhura. While Uhura is "the other" to much of the audience.

Spock/Uhura is a true interracial relationship in that race as we know it is a social construct. There is only the human race. So, Spock being a human hybrid is truly another race. He's the outsider here.

I think this particular vision of future prejudice; pairing it with a kind that affects us now, but is clearly not the issue here is clever.

Those who aren't aware of how these things affect people may now have a distant entry point for beginning to see. We have no social brainwashing training for how to see Spock in this particular way, so his treatment is seen as what it is.

The writers did not do this on purpose, but regardless it works for me.

For sure, this isn't the first time Trek has had alien "others". We've had Odo, Quark, Data, Worf, etc...I could go on and on.

But, I do believe this may be one of the few times the reality of prejudice and sci-fi-reality has come together in this particular juxtaposition in Trek so prominently, being the central romance in a summer blockbuster.

Give me other examples old school trekkies! :)

Spock, according to the novelization is the *only* Vulcan in Starfleet. Combine that with the Tragic Mulatto elements and you have some very interesting points for discussion.

What got me to thinking about this were two things. It's the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11. I've been watching documentaries on early space travel in the U.S. and it struck me, that everyone, EVERYONE involved was a white male.

Yes, I knew this obviously, but seeing it was...jarring.

So then I think about the Sally Ride's, the Guy Bluford's, and Mae Jemison's (a professed trekkie) and I see Spock.

The second thing was last Friday's rec post. One of the stories hit upon some of the issues raised here.
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