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Since we're getting lots of requests of *ANY* kind I felt like it would be simple if we have all of them in one place.

+ If you want to ask for something (a fic, a wallpaper, an icon, anything, a beta reader) and you're not sure if that's enough for a new entry, just ask here and then (maybe) make a new post. Just to make sure our flist pages won't be filled with requests from this comm ;) Of course, if you're seeking for help on a certain matter that may be interesting to discuss (ie. how would Spock react to a break-up? - or any other thing related to Vulcans, or Spock and Uhura's past) you're more than welcome to make a new entry! Discussing is fun! But please, also be sure that what you want to discuss hasn't be discussed yet in a previous post. Check the discussion posts tag!

+ You think there should be a new tag? (Not the .author one, that's automatically added by a mod, don't worry about that). Have you got any idea to share that you think will be helpful for the comm? This is the right place to let us know! We'll hear everyone, so don't be shy or anything XD I usually don't bite. Any kind of suggestion and advise is more than welcome :D

+ Do you have a question or concern? Ask right here! Someone will answer as soon as possible.

This post will be linked among the useful links in the sidebar of our new shiny layout (which, btw, I hope you like! :D). Remember that this is not the right place to request an affiliation, you can do so in this post, thanks!

(I did that banner like .. three times using Spock/Uhura pics I never used, but the quality turned out to be REALLY crappy, so you get Zoe/Zach instead :P)
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