The First time

Earth date – January 2256, Starfleet Academy halls of residence, San Francisco

The First Time - part I

"Rise and gleam, Nyota, rise and gleam!" Gaila dragged the bed covering from her friend and room mate.

"Mmmmmm, go away, Gaila. Its rise and shine, not rise and gleam," Uhura mumbled under the duvet.

"Actually its 7.30am and you will be late for your class if you stay where you are."

Uhura jumped out of the bed, hair askew, eyes blinking at the sunlight travelling through the window.

"What! What happened to the alarm!"

"I'm still working on it," Gaila replied sheepishly. The alarm had been set to the sound of Gaila singing, 'Its so sexy being green.'

Gaila had many talents, singing was not one of them. Uhura had demanded she reset their quarters time sensor and was still waiting for Gaila to fix the problem.

"That's it! I'm going to use my comm from now."

But all you will do is shout 'snooze' and you'll be late all the time. There is a reason you asked me to set the alarm's vocal recognition to my voice."

*Gaila being Orion was an early riser, her race only needed short bursts of sleep, so no matter what time Gaila went to bed as soon as the sun rose she was wide awake. Uhura was the complete opposite, she was not a morning person.

Uhura rushed to the bathroom, all she had time for was a quick shower, brush her teeth, dress, pin her hair up and fly out the door and maybe if time allowed grab some toast from the Academy canteen.

Gaila was already dressed ready for action, even though her classes for the day were all in the afternoon. Uhura suspected she had another 'tutoring' session with Cadet Kirk.

"Gaila! Have you used all the hot water again!..!

"Is this one of those 'rhetorical questions' Ny?" she asked sheepishly.

"I swear one of these days", Uhura fumed as she set the shower to sonic only.

"Enhance your calm Uhura, you have a new teacher this morning. You need to arrive in a positive mood."

"What happened to Commander Shrek?"

"He met a case of Andorian shingles,"

"How do you know all this?"

"Well I was sleeping with one of the breakfast chefs, who is related to Cadet Whelon, who is dating …"

Uhura did not want to know, Gaila's ability to tell a short story was also not one of her talents. Anyway turned out Commander Shrek, her Advanced Interspecies Ethics lecturer was out of the picture. Which was a shame, since his style of teaching was very entertaining. He had a lot of good stories about life on Andor and other places.

Uhura managed to get ready in record time, 7:53 she was cutting it fine, if she used one of the rent a bikes she would just about make it.

The young ladies headed out the room and made their way to their separate destinations.

"Have a prosperous day Ny and may your enemies serve at your feet."

Gaila gave her a *Kolari blessing as she did any time they parted.

Uhura hugged her, one could never stay upset at Gaila for too long. Although she used pheromone suppressants she still had the ability to project positive feelings.

"Thanks Gaila, and may my experience be shared with you also".


"You are 2.03 minutes late, Cadet," a slightly accented tenor voice came from the lectern as the door swooshed open.

"Forgive my tardiness, sir, it won't happen again" Uhura replied.

"A statement that you may find difficult. There is no need to make promises that you have a high probability of not achieving."

As she headed for a seat Uhura tried not to look too embarrassed at his chastisement. Some of her classmates gave her sympathetic looks, whilst others tried not to laugh.

Uhura gave him her, 'who do you think you are look', even though her brain reminded her that 'who' was her superior officer and Starfleet teacher, Lt. Commander Spock.

So this is him, Uhura mused. She had checked his details on her comm after digesting Gaila's information. She truly believed her Orion friend would run Starfleet Intelligence one day, such was her connections.

She admitted he looked more handsome in the flesh than onscreen, and he looked so young. It was hard to tell the age of Vulcans, they were meticulous in not revealing personal information. All the Starfleet database stated was his planet of birth, his areas of expertise and his service record. That was it. No mention of age or marital status (probably bonded).

He was **below average height for a Vulcan, 1.88m (6 feet 2 inches), pale skin with a green tinge, dark eyes, and wearing traditional Vulcan haircut with Starfleet sideburns. She thought the sideburns enhanced his pointed ears.

If she had met him at a club and he was a civilian, she would have given him a first, second and third look.

Oh well, no harm in admiring his form, even if she found his Vulcan manners irritating. Ok Uhura try not to be so Terrancentric in your views. This is Advanced Interspecies ethics after all, some cultures find lateness a sign of good manners. Maybe she should do a paper on it "Sentient beings and their cultural attitudes to time measurement." With a special section on Vulcans. Yeah why not.


I have not been on this site for a loong time, but I'm glad to be back most of my stories are on fanfiction under nyotarules

*Kolari – an Orion language, information on Orions from Memory Beta (noncanon). The blessing is the writer's creation
** Memory Beta – Vulcan male average height, 2 metres (6 foot, 6 inches) – that's tall!
Next chapter Spock's perception of their first meeting
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ST 2009

It was my good fortune to be able to attend a viewing of ST 2009 with a live orchestra at Wolf Trap Center for the Performing Arts this weekend.  I am happy to say that judging by the crowd's reaction, S/U is loved by the fans who attended this reviewing.  Believe me - I was paying attention!  I was not able to take any photos at the event but was able to get this picture of ST composer, Michael Giacchino (right), and Wolf Trap Festival Conductor, Emil de Cou (left), at a pre-event discussion.

S/U quarrel in STAR TREK ONGOING 41.

Anyone still reading this comics? I know some of you only read it when s/u were heavily featured but I was collecting them all and reading them even without s/u in. apparently S/U had a spat in the comics and this is beginning to irritate the hell out of me. its like the writers make them qurall all the time.

this explains why i hate stid. its like after that spat they had in the film they have been quarrellings a lot as well in the comics. cant they write them they way they wrote them pre star trek into darkness. i swear that film greatly damaged the s/u pairing.

anyway I have yet to read the issue. I just order it but I am already cringing at their another s/u spat. the spat they had in stid is enough for one lifetime.


It's been a long, long while since I've visited. Life took over, I ran off to Tumblr for a while, and now I'm trying to get me writing brain back on a regular basis. Dreamed of S/U the other night, so here I am to read all I've missed, and hopefully to write. Anyone still about? Any prompts and challenges still going on?
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"Subtext" Chapter 14: Greeting Cards

Title: Subtext
Characters/Pairings: Spock and Uhura
Rating: PG13
Summary Communication ought to be easy for a talented linguist and a logical Vulcan, right? Think again. A series of written messages between Spock and Uhura, beginning in their Academy days and going through "Darkness."
Chapter Fourteen: Greeting Cards