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Welcome to spock_uhura, your first Live Journal source for everything Spock/Uhura from the Star Trek series. The community is focused on both the Original Series and films and the new film released in 2009. Join and watch the community to have access to all the posts. This community aims to be a friendly place for Fans of Color (FOC); if you have race issues, latent or otherwise, this is not the place for you. We have had new members join Live Journal just for us (!). If you are new to Live Journal we recommend taking a look at the official FAQ. Be sure to read the community rules before posting and commenting, and again welcome!

Spock/Uhura Staff: domluver, jlneveloff, and mod_tinyskirt.
"herm_weasley" is our Moderator Emeritus.

If you have a question that has not been answered in this page or any of the links provided, feel free to Page-A-Mod or PM one of the mods for help.

spock_uhura is devoted to the development and discussion of Spock and Uhura as individuals and together; with regards to the importance of their roles in Trek, their cultural identities, and the characteristics that make them mesh. Our ongoing mission is to interact with the rest of Trek fandom without malice; to produce high quality fanwork; to have fun boldly going where the network feared to go in the 1960's.

The following topics have their own recurring posts:

Posting Rules to Avoid Deletion

General rules:
    -Read about what you can and cannot post and check the community's tag page to see if your post has all ready been covered. If you have doubt about the appropriateness of your post, PM a mod first. Do not take the "It's better to ask for forgiveness than permission" approach.

    -One per post 24 hour period. If you post at 2:58 AM today, you cannot post again until 2:58 AM tomorrow; however, you are free to update the post you posted today.

    -Provide a warning for sensitive topics. If the topic gives you pause include a warning.

    -Do not disable or screen comments.

    -Do not link to locked posts.

    -Tag your posts.
      -Here are the most common tags.

      -Also look at the master tag page to find an appropriate tag.

      -Page-A-Mod if you think a tag is missing, since you are not permitted to create new tags.

      -A mod will create an .author: tag for you. Be sure to use your author tag for your fanwork posts.

    -Preview your post before posting it. Make sure any images fit within the main content zone.

    -Put fanwork, large images, large embedded media, and long posts behind a lj-cut.

    -Spoilers for sequels MUST be placed under a lj-cut and labeled with a spoiler warning

    -Racist, sexist, or homophobic posts will earn you THE QUICKEST BAN EVER. Your intent is irrelevant. You will be banned. Comments on your post will be frozen. This is not the place to troll around.

    -Posts intended to insult other members and/or instigate wank are prohibited and will result in immediate banning.

    -CREDIT IS REQUIRED for works that are not yours. Violations will result in immediate banning.

    -Save any requests, recommendations, promotions, etc for their specified weekly posts or open threads.

We have additional rules for specific types of posts. All of the previous rules still apply.

Fanwork Specific Rules
    -This isn't a rule (; We have a collection at Archive of Our Own (AO3). Feel free to archive your work there. AO3 is still in beta, so if you are not a member, request an account. The wait time is usually 24 - 48 hours.

Discussion Specific Rules
    -Use the required elements.

    -Uhura is a black woman, and many of the members of this community are Fans of Color (FOC). We will discuss race here. BEFORE you respond to a race related discussion read THE SPOCK/UHURA RACEFAIL PREVENTION POST AND ALL LINKS WITHIN THAT POST, ESPECIALLY if you are not familiar with concepts such as white privilege and the myth of color blindness.

    -Meta posts are welcome here.
Miscellaneous Specific Rules
    -Lock, place behind a lj-cut, and provide a warning for all NSFW and copyrighted material.

Commenting Rules to Avoid Freezing or Banning

    -No ship wars! Ship bashing will not be tolerated. It does not matter if it's towards Spock/Uhura or any other pairing. People have different opinions & likes, and no ship is better than another.

    -No flaming, trolling, or bashing anyone. Take your issues with other members elsewhere.

    -Racist, sexist, or homophobic comments will earn you THE QUICKEST BAN EVER. Your intent is irrelevant. Your comment will be frozen. You will be banned. This is not the place to troll around.

    -Do not comment in posts in which you have no interest. Scroll instead.

    -Do not delete comments.

    -You are required to use the spoiler code for spoilers outside of spoiler labeled posts.

      Which looks like this:
      Highlight to read: [Your spoiler goes here.]

    -Failure to use the spoiler code will result in comment deletion.

    -Pointless or offensive threads will be frozen but visible for everyone to read. We don't support censorship.

    -Discussion of banned users is prohibited.

Consequences of Violating Rules

    -Violations of rules may result in reminders, warnings, deletion, freezing, and banning.

    -All moderating decisions are final and are not subject to discussion or explanation. This community's rules are sufficient explanation. If you disagree Page-A-Mod.

Contacting the Mods
Your EST mods are: domluver and mod_tinyskirt

Your CST mod is: jlneveloff

You can contact us in any of the following ways:

    -Commenting at our journals

    -Sending a PM
      -If you send us a PM, please be sure your PMs are not set to "Friends Only." If they are we cannot respond to your inquiry.

If you have an issue with a moderator, contact the moderator via Page-A-Mod or PM.
    -Conversations with moderators are to be kept confidential. Moderators will not break conversation confidentiality without the permission of the other parties involved.

    -Violations of confidentiality will result in immediate banning.

    -Do not attempt to out an anonymous moderator. You will be banned.

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